September 23rd, 2023

Ep 28: Creating balance in your business and life- Business, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness​

About this Episode:

Running a business shouldn’t be running your life. And right now, maybe it feels like you’re juggling all the balls, but you’re constantly waiting for one to drop. We’re going to get REAL and talk about what “balance” is a lie (at least the kind you’re being fed by the masses) and what it really looks like to balance a thriving business AND a thriving life without all the guilt.

This episode is especially important for my high achieving ladies that are feeling the pressure of doing it all. This is a MUST LISTEN TO episode. Grab some headphones, because there’s some explicit content in this one.

In this episode Nas will cover:

• Why balance is a lie, and how “active balance” is the answer to holistic success you’ve been needing

• How to step UP as a high achiever and use it to your advantage in truly taking the business world by storm, while NOT losing your mind in the process

• How we install systems into EVERY aspect of business and life to create the “duplicate effect” so that we can have everything run smoothly, without everything being dependent on YOU

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Meet Nas Echeverria

I’m a Business Growth Strategist with over twenty years of experience scaling the corporate ladders of Fortune 500 companies. Along the way, I developed a strategic, engineered approach that taps into the psychology of selling, marketing, and sustainably scaling businesses to dominate markets on a global level. My mission is to help innovators leave their mark. From strategy to execution, I provide data-based direction to entrepreneurs while helping them grow highly profitable businesses that change the world. Innovation + Strategy = Your Revolution

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