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Let’s simplify growth and scalability by reenvisioning your business strategy with an unbeatable competitive advantage. Tune in to the podcast…

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Ep 70: Add 100k+/month in Sales Revenue with this Content Creation Strategy
Ep 69: High-End Lead Generation Strategies for Established Experts
EP 68: Quick and Confident Business Decisions- The CEO Secret Weapon
Ep 67: Handling Objections: “I Can’t Afford It” and the 3 Sneaky Reasons You Keep Hearing This
Ep 66: Lead Nurturing: Convert Leads into Customers with Lead Nurturing
Ep 65: Creating an Innovation Strategy in Business by Finding Your “It Factor”
EP 64: Growing Your Business WITHOUT Social Media Using this Leveraged Strategy
Ep 63: The Netflix Effect to Conversions- Making your Marketing and Sales Binge-Worthy
Ep 62: Using Organic and Paid Ads Successfully: A Conversation with Laurel Portié

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Hey! This is Nas

If any of those questions left you saying “Yep! That’s me!” then I’m happy to tell you that this podcast was made specifically for you.

Each episode of The Business Real Talk Podcast will teach you the straightforward, no-fluff business strategies to level up your offer, profit, and marketing.

Nas shares her 20+ years of marketing and business experience to help you create a strategy that massively grows your business. Each episode is a raw, straightforward, and honest look at how to create a long-term, sustainable, and scalable business. You will learn simple, actionable, and sustainable tips you can use to create a business and marketing strategy that will take you to the next level.

So, if you are an established business owner who is in it for the long haul and needs someone to “give it to ’em straight” to get there, then this is your sign to listen and subscribe to the Real Business Talk Podcast for simple, actionable, sustainable strategies that will take your business to the next level.

HI, I’m Nas Echeverria.

I’m a business growth strategist with over twenty years of experience scaling the corporate ladders of Fortune 500 companies. Along the way, I developed a strategic, engineered approach that taps into the psychology of selling, marketing, and sustainably scaling businesses to dominate markets on a global level.

My mission is to help innovators leave their mark. From strategy to execution, I provide data-based direction to entrepreneurs while helping them grow highly profitable businesses that change the world.

Innovation + Strategy = Your Revolution
Nas Echeverria​

Founder of Next Level Up

The Netflix Effect​

Automate Conversions and Get Leads to Sell Themselves
Learn how more than 400 of our clients leverage this Netflix-inspired sales method to convert their followers (and lurkers) into premium, pre-sold clients without more content, extra sales calls, or running challenges.

Use the “Netflix Effect” to Get Premium Clients to Sell Themselves.

No Convincing Necessary!

In this bingeable, limited edition audio series, I’ll show you how 416 of our clients quit launches, webinars, and expensive ads, and got leads to sell themselves using this innovative Easy Yes Method™.