November 16, 2023

Ep 50: The Messaging Formula for a Successful Inbound Sales Strategy

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November 16, 2023

Ep 50: The Messaging Formula for a Successful Inbound Sales Strategy

Tired of chasing down leads or marketing until you’re blue in the face? Creating a successful Inbound Sales Strategy eliminates the need for exhaustive marketing and allows you to create demand so you can create consistent sales and focus on serving your clients and customers. You need the messaging formula that makes inbound marketing and sales simple and effective.

On this episode inside the Business Real Talk you'll learn:

  • How to target the 10% of leads in your pipeline that are ready to invest so you can stop chasing
  • How to identify and speak to “hell yes” desires so clients are excited to say yes
  • Highlighting your premium positioning so clients instantly understand why YOU are the only solution for them
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Business Real Talk Transcript:

 It’s not your job to chase down leads and it’s not your job to try and convince people of the value that you bring. So what you need to understand, if you want to start creating inbound sales, is how you can actually create a messaging strategy that successfully creates inbound sales without you chasing down leads.

So let’s get real. Hey, hey, and welcome back to the Business Real Talk on this episode we’re going to talk about the messaging formula for successful inbound sales strategy. So let’s get real. Now, I want to start with understanding that how people buy has changed.

Marketing alone isn’t going to create inbound sales. And chasing attention, creating omnipresence, and staying top of mind comes at a high cost. What Gary Vee and Alex Hermosi and those other mass marketers aren’t telling you is that they can afford to have a message that doesn’t make money. They have spent years building trust.

They have spent years creating goodwill and giving away all of their secrets for free. And at the end of the day, they have a full time content team that follows them around, telling them what to say and how to say it. But worse yet, you need to understand that their messaging isn’t made to make money.

The reality is you are a business and you need the messaging formula that’s going to focus on driving decisions and successfully create inbound sales. So you’re not chasing attention or demand. Instead, you’re creating it. So it’s time for some real talk. Business has changed and this is a great thing for us.

We’re seeing the bubble of 2020 start to pop. Now, for over a decade, you might have seen or felt that you could just kind of show up online and market and people would come in and purchase easily. All you had was a 10 minute VSL or a 60 minute webinar, or you DM’d people and offered them to hop on a coffee chat, and people were open and willing.

But along with those tactics, came the abuse of those tactics and an influx of people that repeated the same bad advice at scale. And people began to hesitate more and more, and they began to question what people’s intent really was. They began to wonder who actually could help them, and they started to see the same message and promise everywhere, and wondered, Who they could actually believe now, while this might sound scary, it’s not, it’s the birth of a revolution and a revolution of innovators, experts, and thought leaders that can now take up space and speak boldly to let their expertise shine through because what never changes, no matter the algorithms, no matter what’s happening in the world or AI or whatever, what never goes out of style, even when everything around us does is the core psychological journey that we go on when it comes to making an empowered and informed decision. The more you understand this, the easier inbound sales become because people value trust and people value transparency and people value true expertise.

And that is what creates inbound sales where you’re not chasing down leads. They’re coming to you where you’re not applying pressure FOMO or chasing tactics. You’re being strategic, methodical, and making it easy for clients to say yes to you, and it’s far less complicated than you could probably ever imagine.

So it starts with you understanding that there’s just three simple concepts that go into this. It’s about speaking to the right people in the right way to make a decision right now.

This is what has allowed me to completely turn off my phone at 2pm, be with my family, and still have leads and clients coming in. And it’s what’s allowed my clients to double their prices and have dream clients DM them asking how quickly they can get started. And it’s what has allowed my clients to go from inconsistent 20k months to 50k months becoming the norm. So let me break it down for you.

All leads are not created equal, and your grandfather’s ideal client exercise is broken. You’re not gonna find your perfect fit client by picking characteristics out of a thin air and hoping it works. This isn’t a guessing game. If you think about your best clients, the ones you love, the ones who do the work and get results and make you feel like you’re on cloud nine and the ones who rant and rave about you to everyone.

You’ll likely find that they share key characteristics. Things like being fast decision makers, being self led, valuing themselves and their time and yours too. They’re visionaries that have a big vision and prioritize doing the work that achieves that vision. They’re deliberate, committed, and focused.

And they’re the gold standard and the dream client. Now, so often people ask me how I’ve bypassed the typical 8 to 20 touch points being proclaimed by every business, marketing and sales coach out there and the answer is that specifically targeting high intent leads that are actively seeking a solution and can’t wait to say yes is just one key piece to achieving this. This is your answer to never convincing leads again. 

Messaging that speaks to Low Intent

So let’s see an example of messaging that speaks to that low intent lead versus a high intent one. Now instead of using something like five reasons to grow your Facebook group, it becomes how to turn your Facebook group into a client getting machine in just 30 days.

Now, version one speaks to people who aren’t aware or aren’t convinced that growing their Facebook group is actually an important thing for them, which forces you to convince, pressure, and educate on why they should grow their Facebook group, and then try to convince them why they should want to turn their Facebook group into a client getting machine.

Now, this style of messaging attracts low intent leads that will, on average, require somewhere around six months to finally understand and accept, and then maybe prioritize solving that problem. It’s why coaches teach people to use things like five day challenges and launches, because it hopes that if you spend five days with a low intent lead, you can flip them into a high intent one.

And it’s based on trying to overwhelm people with enough information so that they feel like they need you in order to create the outcome that they want. Or that if you market to the people today, that it’s going to become a client in three to six months. But in our world, myself and my clients, we have people who meet them on a Tuesday and sign up for their highest price program on Thursday.

No pressure. No launching, no fancy tactics, just messaging that targets your high intent people. Like my client Erica, who came to me feeling ready to burn down her audience. Her Instagram, her Facebook group, her email list, all of it, she was done. And she was convinced that she just had a bunch of freebie seekers because nobody was actually buying from her and her business was reaching the potential that it had because of the referrals that she had in her business.

She wanted a more predictable way to sign clients at scale. Now, within four days of working together, we optimized her messaging. So it was specifically targeting only high intent leads. Now, she begrudgingly sent an email to her list, but not before sending me a message saying, Nas nobody ever replies to my emails.

There’s no way this is going to work. Now, with that one email, she booked three sales calls. And from that, she actually ended up signing two new high ticket clients. From a list that never engaged, without any new offers, new marketing, or any new leads. This is the power of understanding and speaking to your highest intent leads.

Messaging Formula that creates Inbound Sales in your business

Everyone’s audience consists of high intent leads. It’s just a matter of understanding how to craft a message that speaks directly to that high intent lead, and brings them in like a beacon or a lighthouse and makes them see that you are speaking to them and only them. This is that first step in really being able to create a formula, that messaging formula that specifically creates inbound sales in your business.

Now let’s talk about the second step in the process. What I call “Yes please Messaging Mastery”. Now, have you ever followed someone you really like their vibe and yeah, they’re super smart. They’re just something about them. You can’t really like put your finger on it, but you really like them. And you’ve been in their world for maybe like two years now.

But the reality is you’ve never really felt compelled. To actually work with them. And it’s not because they’re not amazing. They totally are. And it’s not because you’re not investing. You totally are, but you’re just not investing with them. Now there’s two reasons why this happens. One, you’re not sure that they are who you need.

Or number two is you’re not sure that they solve your problem. Now these both stem from audience confusion from a message that doesn’t clearly articulate your value and how you solve your high intent leads, high value needs. But let’s start with the second thing I mentioned, which is that they’re not sure that you solve their problem.

Now, real talk, getting people clamoring over you isn’t about fancy marketing, even though everyone’s probably convinced you otherwise. There’s a reason why some people sign clients without a website, without a funnel, and barely with a social media presence at all.

And others are doing everything and barely feeling a trickle of clients walking through the door. The difference is messaging. Messaging that speaks to their hell yes clients and their desires. The ones that are so important to them that they’re losing sleep. They’re distracted from The people and the things that matter most to them, and they’re spending every free minute ruminating over it because it’s the problem they know they have to solve.

Now when you understand those desires, it’s like you have psychic abilities. You’re a soothsayer that can now see their dreams and their goals clear as day. And for your high intent lead, it becomes crystal clear that you, and only you, are the answer to their prayers. This is what allows you to hear Yes, Please every week. It’s not magic, it’s What I Call “Hell Yes Messaging Mastery”. What it does is it connects their dreams, their desires, and their problems to the solution that they couldn’t see before they met you. It sounds fancy, but it’s not. Let me give you a quick example.

Now, a few years ago, I remember a woman who had posted inside of a Facebook group that we were both a part of, that she needed a social media manager for her parenting coaching business. Now, she said she had spent years building a presence and had hired other social media people before, but she really needed to find someone who was really good to try and create her content for her.

Now, I’m definitely not a social media manager, nor do I write content for people, even though they’ve asked me, but as an expert, what I understood Was her desire, and it was my job to connect her desire to the need of what she actually needed to solve for that problem.

So what I ended up doing was asking her what her intent was with hiring a social media manager and then went on to share that. Oftentimes I see people hire social media managers and content creators in hopes of signing more clients because they’re not getting the traction they want from the content they’re creating, and what I let her know was that the issue wasn’t that she was bad at content or didn’t understand how to create content. What her issue really was, was that her messaging wasn’t clearly articulating her value and it wasn’t speaking to her high intent leads. And from there, I invited her to join a growth optimization call with me. Now, she wrote back, Oh my gosh, I’ve never thought about that.

I’d love to hop on a call with you. Within just 36 hours of that first interaction, she invested in working with me one on one. Now within just one week, she messaged me saying, Nas people are replying to my stories and emails, and I’ve already signed a new client.

So what changed for her? Her messaging did. Just like I had done in our first interaction, connecting her high value desire. with my expert only understanding of her needs. I showed her how to do the same because the reality is your high intent lead wants you to be the expert. They value your ability to showcase that expertise and give them the expert only diagnosis on what it is they truly need.

So for her, what we did is we helped her connect the desire that her clients had with that expert only solution that she brought to their attention. So a great example of this was that she was originally talking about how to fall in love with motherhood again, something people thought as something nice to have, but they didn’t really prioritize in their lives, nor did they want to invest in.

What we did is we shifted her messaging to speak to the high value outcome driven message. So she now spoke to reconnecting with your teenager in 30 days without yelling or invading their privacy. See, falling in love with motherhood wasn’t high on their priority list. Heck, they weren’t even thinking about it. What they were doing was losing sleep over how quickly time was passing, how their teenager had completely stopped talking to them, or how they felt totally helpless in supporting their teen without pissing them off. Now what they really cared about was not losing that connection with their angsty teen who they were struggling to connect with in the first place.

When she understood and spoke to these high value outcomes, now people were DMing her instead of her chasing them down and they were asking how she could work with them. This is the difference between speaking to and understanding how to have the right messaging that speaks to those high value outcomes and does it in a way that really directs to the needs that you want to support.

Combining those two things together, Will allow you to not only attract that highest level, high intent client, but also allows you to very quickly and easily and seamlessly showcase how you support them, which leads us to the third and final piece of the puzzle in creating the messaging formula to creating inbound sales strategy.

And that’s premium positioning. Now you can have the best messaging in the world, but if you don’t actually know how to showcase your value and do it in a way that’s easily and readily understood, you’ll be competing based on price. Now you’re not a dime a dozen and it’s. It’s time to make sure that your leads understand and know that ASAP.

This is the power behind premium positioning. Understanding how to showcase your work in a clear and poignant way that highlights your unique process so that those elite clients will want to pay you double. Now people want to know how you support them.

It creates transparency and it allows them to make swift decisions when they can actually see the pathway on how they’re going to get that return on investment. Now, right now, you may be talking about the outcome. Maybe even a really big one.

But you’re leaving out how you get there. Likely because you’ve been told that that’s the secret sauce. But positioning your process doesn’t mean you’re giving them the step by step DIY process to how they can do it on their own. Instead, you’re connecting the desires they have with the clear identification and communication of your process.

Now imagine for a second that you drop your car off at the mechanics. And he says that you owe 5,000 for your car to be in tip top running shape so you can have a smooth ride without worrying about a breakdown. Now that outcome is amazing, and it speaks to exactly what you need and what you desire.

But before you hand over 5,000, you want to know what the heck you’re actually paying for. Now, what most mechanics might do is hand you over a detailed list of the 50 things they’re gonna do, and that’s gonna lead you to feeling easily overwhelmed and questioning whether or not you need to do any of these things in the first place.

But let’s say instead your mechanic understood premium positioning, and instead that mechanic breaks down their foolproof system, one that instills trust in their clients, and it lets them understand the full value without actually burying them in all the details. So here’s a little example of how we could position a mechanic being able to serve a client’s foolproof system and the needs that they have.

without overwhelming them in all the details. Number one is the long haul health check. Never be stranded again with a car problem you couldn’t see until it was too late. Our long haul health check not only identifies the current issues in your vehicle, but it gives you a complete graded value to every moving part in your car, so we can resolve the upcoming concerns before they cause a breakdown and stop you in your tracks.

Number two, we use the fix and optimize mechanics. If you’re tired of shelling out 5,000 only to drive off the lot and find that the problem you thought was fixed is back again, we do too. So we not only complete the work, we do a hundred mile test to ensure that the problem doesn’t creep back up and you can rest assured that your car will be set for the long haul.

Number three, back pocket mechanic. Never wonder what’s going on with your car. Again, we offer our two way app that allows you to have one year of virtual mechanic support to ask if that noise is normal or why your air conditioning isn’t cooling as well as it used to and have a certified mechanic answer in just 24 hours or less.

This is an example of premium positioning where you’re able to clearly communicate what it is you do, but in a way that actually connects back to the desires people actually have. This allows you to look like the only and clear solution, but also allows you to create a clear and seamless approach to showcasing that value in a way that can be easily understood. This is why it’s so important to really be able to express how you actually drive results for your clients, but how you do it in a way that other people don’t. I can guarantee you there’s no other mechanic out there talking about those three simple steps within their process, because you’ve developed something that others don’t have. And it’s what allows my clients to charge 10 times more than their competitors and still have clients lining up to work with them. Now, what most businesses will do is inundate their audience with a list of modules, features, and bonuses, trying to showcase that value by overwhelming you with so much stuff that you’re going to be getting.

But the reality is your high intent lead doesn’t want more stuff. They want to know the magic behind your work that warrants that high ticket price tag. How you position your work in a way that resonates with their needs while also clearly communicating your value

Where you become the premium choice. This is the answer to truly being able to create inbound sales within your business without chasing clients, without trying to find all the right things and marketing your business more.

Because the reality is, creating inbound sales is really just mastering how to get your messaging to speak to the right people in the right way to make a decision right now.

Now for years, I’ve had people ask me about how they can upgrade their messaging, how they can elevate the way they speak to their audience so that it communicates their value at the highest level possible while also attracting the right type of leads so that they don’t have to market more because that’s ultimately what we want in our business.

30 Day Group Intensive

And after spending over 12 years helping people craft that message. I want to share with you that we’ve opened up what we call our fast pass messaging intensive.

This is a 30 day group intensive where we’re working hand in hand directly on how to craft the messaging that targets those high intent leads that really showcases and creates those hell yes desires and ultimately allows you to showcase. Your premium positioning now, this 30 day intensive is not something we run all the time.

So if you’re hearing this right now and you want to learn a little bit more about what this looks like, send me a message over on Instagram @nextlevelupceo with the words “Fast Pass”, and we’ll share with you what this program looks like and how you can join us so that you can create the fast pass to getting premium clients clamoring over you.

Now, everything I’ve shared here today is just one piece of the puzzle to what we call the Easy Yes method, which is my proprietary system for how we get our leads to sell themselves using the Netflix effect. Now, there’s three core things that go into this.

The first being how you develop what we call Innovative Advantage. If you’re competing for attention, it means that you haven’t showcased your innovative advantage. We leverage our innovative gap methodology to develop your own proprietary method so you can clearly articulate how you solve for the gaps in the market, making you the only an incomparable solution.

This allows my clients to five to 10 X their prices and have clients who happily line up to work with them. The second step in the process is what we call the Infinite Sales Highway. Getting your leads to sell themselves means that you have to be able to mimic how they naturally make decisions within your marketing.

This is how we use our Bingeable Sales System to be able to get your leads to binge their way to a yes. And the third and final piece is what we call the pure profit strategy. This simply put is how you actually deliver world class results for your clients at scale. So that you can create pure profit in retaining those clients and having them refer you new business.

And if you’re ready to take what we’ve learned here today and see how we can apply this within your business to replicate the effects that we’ve had with over 416 of our clients and getting their leads to sell themselves, then head on over to to book your call today.

And if you want to learn a little bit more about how our three step system works to get your leads to sell themselves using the Easy Yes Method, I want to invite you to check out our bingeable mini series over at where we break down the three simple steps to how you can get your leads to sell themselves. But until next time, here’s to keeping it real.


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Learn how more than 400 of our clients leverage this Netflix-inspired sales method to convert their followers (and lurkers) into premium, pre-sold clients without more content, extra sales calls, or running challenges.

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