Get leads to sell themselves.

Bring ready-to-buy leads to the finish line faster by learning how to leverage high-intent messaging in just 30 days.

You should be chasing dreams, not leads.

Yet, here you are in all your brilliance, spending half your time running after leads and the other half creating marketing content.
It’s enough to make you forget why you started your business in the first place.

(Here’s your reminder: It wasn’t to burn out on lead gen and marketing.)


But here’s what you may not know…

It’s NOT a lead problem. It’s a messaging problem.

There are plenty of people out there who need the transformation you provide. Some of them are even commenting
on your content and replying to your stories already.


But when it comes to getting those people across the finish line to actually make a purchase from you…
all you hear is crickets. 🦗 🦗 🦗

The good news is…

You’ve got momentum. Now you just need to leverage it.

It’s time to identify the 10% of your market that’s ready to buy now. These buyers are already in motion.
You just need to continue the momentum all the way to the checkout page.

And you can do exactly that with our high-intent messaging strategy. It helps you target and move people who are ready to buy,
so you’re making sales without having to chase down leads or do more marketing.

The magic happens when you combine high-intent messaging with success-bucket positioning—our unique methodology for clearly expressing what you do and how you do it in a way that makes you not just an option but the only option for your high-intent buyers.

It’s all inside…

Fast Pass

A 30-day group intensive to help you develop your unique messaging and positioning so you can attract ready-to-buy leads and be seen as the premium solution without chasing attention.

Stop complicating growth. 

It’s time to learn how to target your high-intent leads and develop messaging that speaks to their “Hell Yes” desires so it
becomes clear you are the only answer to their prayers.

“If you are on the fence about working with Nas, I am here to tell you that it’s time to DO THE DANG THING!!! The amount of personalized attention, feedback, and dedication that she gives to her clients is incredible. Working with Nas is the best investment I have ever made in my business.”
Caleigh Grant Bell
Owner and CEO at All Things Podcasting

Inside Fast Pass

Get direct support with strategy and implementation as you develop your
high-intent positioning and messaging strategy.

Weekly Calls

Join weekly group calls to get direct support from Nas in developing a unique strategy and crafting your messaging.

Walk away from the call each week knowing exactly what to apply to your business and how to implement it.

Voxer Support

Feeling stuck or need some accountability?
Join our group Voxer chat, where you can get support between calls.

With access to support throughout the 30 days, you’ll never have to wonder if you’re on the right track.


Access our portal to complete four core trainings that break down our unique process.

Get access to playbooks and templates that can help you apply your new messaging & positioning to client acquisition.

Hi, I’m Nas.

And if you’re like me, you can’t afford to waste time chasing dead-end leads and hearing “no” at every turn. 

My wake-up call happened when my oldest daughter told me she wished I would “get a real job” so I could spend more time with my family instead of pouring endless hours into my work. 

I felt like I was spinning my wheels but going nowhere, all while missing out on precious time as my three kids grew up. (Sound familiar?)

That’s when I realized it was time to refocus and change my method. 

Using my 20+ years of experience as a consultant, strategist, and corporate marketer, I developed a unique approach to positioning and messaging that creates inbound demand and gets leads to sell themselves.

In Fast Pass, we’ll dive deep into your messaging and positioning so you can gain confidence and clarity while crafting the marketing message that makes you unforgettable.

In just 30 days, I’ll help you develop your premium positioning and create unique messaging that makes your ideal clients say “Yes, Please” and hit the buy button without the need for convincing.

Ready to give your messaging an upgrade so you’re seen as the in-demand expert clients love saying yes to?

“Nas has been an absolute game-changer in my business journey. She offers a unique blend of nurturing kindness and strategic guidance that has propelled my business forward.” Harmony Robinson-Stagg
Harmony Robinson-Stagg
Owner and CEO, Ayurveda Alchemist Academy

Let’s get real…

If you could have done this on your own, you would have.

With Fast Pass, I’ll be with you every step of the way as we work to develop positioning and messaging that will have your high-intent leads saying, “Take my money yesterday!”


There’s no reason for you to struggle alone, wasting more time trying to figure out how to get people across the finish line. I’m here to lend my messaging expertise and sales genius to help build it all with you.

“You can’t go wrong with Nas. She is heart-centered and really cares about her students and their success. She doesn’t do the work for you, but she empowers you to create amazing results in your business so you can have a massive impact on your clients.”
Keisha Johnson
Owner and CEO at All Things Podcasting

A final note

I know you’ve likely been a part of group programs that offered little to no support. Where you get lost in the crowdand are just treated like a dollar sign.

That’s exactly why I chose to create programs that let me become so hands-on with my clients that I can help them make strategic moves quickly.

In Fast Pass, we’ll work together live to build out the core elements of your high-intent messaging and apply them to your specific business.

This isn’t a coaching program where you learn my methodology and apply it to yourself. This is any intensive where processes, systems, and strategies are based entirely on you and your business.

At the end of the 30 days, you’ll walk away with clear positioning and fundamental pieces of messaging you can apply again and again.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are some words from people who have been through Fast Pass, done the work, and gotten results.

Use the “Netflix Effect” to Get Premium Clients to Sell Themselves.

No Convincing Necessary!

In this bingeable, limited edition audio series, I’ll show you how 416 of our clients quit launches, webinars, and expensive ads, and got leads to sell themselves using this innovative Easy Yes Method™.