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The first time I spoke with Nas, I knew she was going to be able to help me turn my “side gig” into a full-time business. She provided so much value on our first call that I couldn’t wait to work with her! She definitely did not disappoint, and I feel confident in the business that I’m building. Nas is so knowledgeable and her expertise is unparalleled. If you are looking for someone to help you take your business to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend Nas!

Laura Bauder

Nas is amazing at what she does. Her knowledge and experience combined with her unique way to help your business grow through your own personality rather than a cookie cutter approach, is priceless.

Ashley Cruz

Nas is amazing! She has a gift for helping you see what’s unique about your offers and how to position yourself as an expert in your niche. After working with her, I gained more clarity on why my ideal clients want to work with me and how I stand out from everyone else to where there is no competition. Thanks Nas!

Michelle Carnahan

Just officially signed the first client for this new way of working in a 12 month business consulting package. A $60,000 package with the first $10,000 payment received today. Nas Echeverria I sent you a voice note And I have a sales call booked for next week and another for the week after.

Erica Lester

Okay sit down for this I fucking re-signed my 1:1 client, sold another spot in my masterpiece so in total made 97k today and cash 10k and we ain’t end the month yet, I think I will surpass my goal at 500k. OMG & what the fuck

Stacy Ann

I was at a complete loss in my business. Nas is unlike any other coach I’ve ever had. She is so inspiring and knowledgeable about every aspect of marketing. I feel so much more at ease about my business now and that is all because of Nas. She holds her clients accountable and I love that about her. She truly wants us all to succeed. I have, and would, recommend her to anyone needing help in their business.

Lisa Storey
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Arika reached her 5 year business goals in months and hit 6 figures faster than ever!
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How erica, left her job barely making ends meet, to 10x’ing her revenue
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How erica 5x’d her investment in 24 days and landed a 60k client
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See how shane learned how to sign clients on demand & got her marketing working for her!
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How michelle did 70k sales in a month as a relationship coach
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“If you are looking for a real solid business growth plan then Nas is for you.”

Courtney Bicandi
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I couldnt recommend Nas Echeverria enough! She has helped me start and evolve my business.
My time spent with her has been transformative in my business as well as personally. She and her programs/strategies are so unique and honestly genius. I don’t know where Id be without her guidance and wisdom – so grateful to have met and hired her.


Nas Echeverria is one of the best in the biz and has cultivated an incredible community of business owners who support each other and share their experiences. I’m rebuilding some old businesses and find myself leaning on the trainings and knowledge I gained from over two years ago. Well worth the investment and then some!!


Nas Echeverria!! She’s not just a business coach, she’s a business strategist and really teaches you how to transform your business to the next level

I had worked with 3 business coaches before working with Nas, and while I didn’t think the other business coaches were good, nas really helped me appeal to my niche and to dial down on the steps I needed to take to get there. She makes it simple and easy, and it never seems stressful


What is the BEST lesson you’ve learned from Nas?

I’ll go first, how being innovative and sharing solution based content converts WAY faster than the how to’s I was posting–GAME CHANGER!


Welcome to the group!

This was hands down the best investment I made into my business. Enjoy all the growth that comes from it – both professionally + personally!


Nas Echeverria Thanks! My thinking is more focused because of the structure of the program.

Thanks, Nas, Needed this so much!


Nas Echeverria is fabulous and will get you to and past your goals! Very knowledgeable and knows her stuff and cares about your business! 5 months into 2020 I had already hit my goals for the whole year and my best year to date.


I still wanna cry how has it been 9 weeks. I thought about sending you a 3am message this morning just to tell you how much I already miss you lol I’m trying to sit in this easy feeling today and it does feel quite nice!!

Thank you so much

Nas for everything!!


I’m showing up! Ditto the video!!! Nas knows what’s up — I’ve done video at least 3x per week for 2 weeks, I’ve had 4 calls for appointments and a noticeable uptick in spontaneous calls from past clients. Do the things!!

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