November 29, 2023

Ep 52: The Art of the Easy Yes:
How to Remove all Hesitation in Your Buying Process

Tired of feeling like you’re selling your soul to get people to buy? Hearing objections or hesitations from clients when all you want is to help them, wondering why they STILL aren’t buying?

The reality is, your marketing strategy should be removing all hesitation in your buying process. Do it right and people show up in your inbox or on calls so ready to buy, they say yes before you start talking.

On this episode inside the Business Real Talk, Nas talks about:

  • How to reverse the psychological process of buying so you can understand the art of the EASY Yes

  • Why giving too much information is killing the sale, and how to share the right information to make it an easy yes

  • How Value Consciousness plays a role in removing hesitations and why you can’t be the mediocre business person if you want to win

  • How to develop multi-layered trust in your marketing  




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Business Real Talk Transcript:

Hey, hey, and welcome back to the Business Real Talk. On this episode, we’re going to talk about the Art of an Easy Yes and how you can remove all hesitation in your buying process. Now, let’s get real. Are you tired of feeling like you’re so Selling your soul to get people to buy? You’re hearing objections or hesitations from clients when all you want to do is help them. And you’re wondering why they still aren’t buying. 

In this episode, I’ll show you how you can reverse the psychological process of buying so that you can understand the art of an easy yes and remove all hesitations in your buying process.

Why People Hesitate in the Buying Process

So I want to start out by understanding that why people hesitate in the first place is ultimately what’s going to allow us to remove those hesitations. It’s not about just slapping on some marketing, more content, and it’s not about hard selling until the cows come home. If we want to combat the effects of hesitation in your buying process so we can shorten sales cycles, stop convincing, and ultimately create a repeatable and enjoyable buying experience, we need to dive into why people hesitate in the first place so we can reverse the process and have people happily saying yes without any hesitation. 

So let’s jump right into it. We’re going to start with the fact that one of the biggest reasons why people hesitate in the first place is that they lack the right information. Now the key word here was right information. There’s a lot of information out there. Much of it is conflicting.

One of the biggest shifts in buying patterns is that people are now consuming more information than ever before, which means their brains have to process even more information than ever before. So those who used to be fast decision makers have now had to learn how to process and segment the information they’re receiving in hopes of deciphering what’s valuable and what’s not as quickly as possible.

And those who tend to make slower decisions are now being weighed down, spending exponentially more time trying to process the information, and most end up struggling to naturally segment the information that they’re receiving. 

So I want you to think about your own buying process right now. How many conflicting ideas have you consumed to try and solve a singular problem? I’ll give you an example. A few months ago, my daughter complained of stomach pain. I took her to the doctors and after having an x ray done on her, they found that she was severely constipated. Total mom life. I put on my super mom cape, and I got to work on trying to solve the solution.

The doctor told us that she just needed to take Miralax and she’d be fine. But weeks later, the problem continued to persist, and I started to look at what else I should really be doing. Now, I found dozens of articles pointing out that Miralax was actually doing more harm than good. But I also found hundreds more that proclaimed that you just needed to increase your fruit and vegetable intake, which was already ridiculously high for her.

And I watched an entire webinar on how apple cider vinegar was the miracle. So on and so forth. I got to the point that I was actually so tired of trying to figure out what I needed to do that I decided to do nothing at all, at least temporarily. This is what your audience is experiencing every single day. So much information that they don’t know what’s valid and what isn’t. 

The Problem with Information Overload

Now, the typical advice that you’re probably receiving right now, is to give them more information. Now instead of posting one times a day, you’re being told to post three. And instead of having one sales call, you’re being told to have multiple sales calls.

And instead of focusing on one platform, you’re being told to post everywhere. We’ve become obsessed. with the idea that more equals more, feeding the mass consumption of more information. And it’s a vicious cycle that only extends your sales cycle and leads to an ever growing number of people who are experiencing decision fatigue.

So how do you compete for attention in a time where attention is scarce? You don’t. You recognize that focusing on decision principles and shifting beliefs and crafting deep resonance that makes your message stick out and become unforgettable is far more valuable than simply adding to the void of more. It’s not about more information. It’s about the right information that helps your buyers make decisions without any hesitation

The Importance of the "Right" Information

Now, our solution to this is deep market research embedded in really understanding our baseline messaging, as well as our weekly marketing. So you’re not guessing. At what information people need or what they’re currently being told, making your input interactive and individualized by actually understanding real time information.

But it also is the second piece of that process is understanding and reflecting a natural decision making process. So many people overlook this and assume that marketing and sales is just about putting out information, but the entire premise behind the Easy Yes method is really built on the psychological principles.

And one of the largest, which of being how we mimic how naturally people make those decisions. So rather than guessing or throwing out information and seeing what sticks, we acknowledge that there are decision patterns that we all inherently have. And that built into that is the foundation of our marketing, our messaging, and our sales process.

The results, people don’t hesitate. Their concerns and hesitations are addressed before they become objections.

So let me give you a real life example. Recently, I got on a call with a potential client and what this looks like in real life for us and our business is that now, when I get on a call with a potential client, they’re fully aware of my method of my process of everything that I do. So when I share information with them, I allow them to ask questions and I ask them. If they have any and realistically, the response I hear almost every single time is no, I’ve heard your podcast or your bingeable series and I’ve gone through your content and it makes all of this crystal clear.

It’s just nice to hear you explain it again because the reality is.

The Unclear Edge: Perception of Value

You’re not selling on sales call, and your goal isn’t to sell at all, your goal is to give people the right information that allows them to make the decision they want to without any hesitation at all.

Which leads us to the second reason why you’re creating hesitations within your buying process. It’s what I call the unclear edge. Now, right now, your perception of value isn’t unshakable. What it means is that you may be hearing from your clients that it makes sense, or it sounds good, but there’s also this lingering thought in the back of their mind that says, can I just figure this out on my own?

Or maybe they’re asking to themselves, This sounds great, but it’s really expensive. Maybe I can find someone else who can help me for cheaper. This is what’s known as value consciousness. And the reality is, and it might hurt or sting a little bit to hear that right now, your audience hasn’t confirmed in their mind that you are the best and only solution.

The Importance of Being the Best

Now I want to get really real with you. If you’re focusing all of your energy on being great at marketing and not actually being great or the best at what you do, you’re setting yourself up to fail because we’re not here to manufacture an edge, we’re here to highlight and amplify it.

That can’t happen if you’re doing mediocre work or not striving to be the best at what you do. If hearing me say that you need to be the best scares you, it’s time to use this as your wake up call. Because your top priority should be, outperforming and how you innovate and how you identify and seize opportunities and untapped gaps that you can solve for and out serving your clients.

These should be the biggest driving principles in your business when it comes to growth and scaling. It’s only through that that we can actually define your edge, your innovative advantage, and highlight that. Because otherwise, you’re slapping lipstick on a pig and trying to out market, out compete, and chase the attention with a house that’s built on quicksand.

You should be able to answer what makes you the best. And how does your method outperform and ideally revolutionize the industry? Now our process for solving for this problem is developing your innovative advantage by creating what we call Innovative Gap Methodology. As a subject matter and industry experts, as an innovator, it’s time to stop competing and start showcasing your innovation.

We help you make your competition irrelevant, not by creating fancy marketing, by recognizing and understanding what your innovation is so that you can become the known and recognized innovative authority and have premium clients who chase you down because you become the only and incomparable solution that they love saying yes to.

The Role of Trust in Decision Making

Now let’s talk about the third and final piece of the puzzle of removing hesitation so that you can get that easy yes. Now this is the hardest of them all, and it’s really rooted in feeling. It’s a lack of trust. It could be trust in themselves, trust in you, trust that this solution and solving this problem is a priority, and trust that you won’t screw them over.

Now, ultimately, from a marketing standpoint and a business growth standpoint, this is positioning. You’re either going to be speaking to the wrong person, someone who doesn’t trust themselves and requires you to convince them, or they lack the trust in you because you haven’t positioned yourself as the trustable solution, or they lack the trust that this is a priority because they’ve been pressured by pain point marketing to think that this is something that they need.

When they’re not really fully convinced of it themselves. Now, the goal isn’t to pressure people into working with you. Removing hesitations means that they feel empowered in every step of the process. Now, I want you to ask yourself, is your messaging calling to the right segment of your audience that has an elevated level of awareness and is actively seeking a solution?

And does your marketing activate them, removing those doubts, fear, and confusion? Or does it add to it? And does your branding let them know who the heck you are and who they’re going into bed with, making them feel comfortable and confident. And does your sales process let them self identify that this is a fit for them and give them the tools to sell themselves into working with you, removing all the pressure that makes them feel backed into a corner and creates hesitation in the first place.

I want to be real with you. I don’t sell on sales calls. I ask questions. I present my method. I ask if they have questions and I share a solution. No decisions actually need to be made on the sales call with me directly.

People get to leave that call feeling good, feeling empowered, and feeling excited. They want to be heard. To work with me. We’ve leveraged principles of natural decision making and how to actually allow them to persuade themselves so that I don’t have to do that anymore. And they want to create a similar experience for their own clients.

I regularly hear from clients that I want my clients to feel like I did after a call with you. This is what I call empowered decision making, giving people the tools to trust themselves in the process, giving people the resources that allow them to guide themselves to a decision. This is the art of an easy yes, because objections are just hesitations that haven’t been addressed.

And we’re not here to convince anyone of anything. You can run a business that has clients who are eager and excited to work with you, and they don’t need to hesitate. And there are principles and strategies that lead to this. 

Business Real Talk Recap

So I want to do a quick recap about removing hesitation comes down to three things.

Number one, the right information. Knowing that you are here to help people create an easy yes means that you need to understand their decision making process and stop contributing to the noise of more information. So you’re going to ask yourself two questions. Number one is what information is my audience currently deciphering and segmenting and how can I support in that process? Number two is what are the natural questions that people have that allowed them to arrive at a decision and can I answer those questions right now in a methodical approach?

Next, we talked about creating a clear edge so that you can resolve that value consciousness and your audience no longer hesitates on whether you are the right solution or if they can solve their problem for cheaper, we introduced you to a better approach and how we support our clients and identifying their innovation and how to communicate that with their audience through their innovative gap methodology.

So I want you to walk away and ask yourself, what makes me the best and how does my process outperform everyone else’s? And lastly, we talked about how trust and lack of it breeds hesitation. And we addressed how it’s our job to ensure that our marketing is targeting people who are in the right state of buying, where you’re not manufacturing trust in themselves or trust in resolving the problem.

They should come to you with both of those things already in motion, And we addressed how our process focuses on empowering decision making by leveraging positioning that targets the right people, showcases your authority, and highlights your personality and what makes you trustworthy. This is the power of the Easy Yes method. It’s rooted in highlighting and amplifying your innovation.

And it uses the psychological and data based marketing and selling that supports your audience in mimicking their natural decision making process allowing them to sell themselves and it’s guided on you actually being the best in class and out serving your clients in the delivery process so you can create an army of raving fans and capitalize on retention in your business model because getting easy asses is all about creating a systematic approach.

To how they can say yes as easily and quickly as possible by mimicking that process for them.

Next Steps to apply the Easy Yes Method

Now, I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s episode and that you walk away some tangible things that you can start applying inside of your business. But as always, I want to invite you to the next steps of what you can do to take this Easy Yes method to the next level.

Your first option is to book a Growth optimizer call directly with me. This call is a place of empowerment, a place of us being able to acknowledge and understand your current process for how you bring in clients and for me to be able to highlight for you How you can actually optimize on that process right now so you can be bringing in more premium ready to buy clients who sell themselves

And I’ll show you how we can apply the Easy Yes method within your business so we can build a business that’s both highly profitable and highly scalable. So if you’re ready to book your call, go head on over to but if you need a little more information on how the easiest method works and you want to see how we leverage the Netflix effect to get premium ready to buy clients to sell themselves using our bingeable sales system. 

I want to invite you to check out our bingeable sales system over at As always, we love and appreciate when you help us amplify our message and turn this into a movement where innovation becomes the leading driving force of revolutionizing the industry. And you can help us by rating, subscribing and sharing this episode with a friend. But until next time, here’s to keeping it real.

Hey, it's Nas!

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Hey, it's Nas!

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Learn how more than 400 of our clients leverage this Netflix-inspired sales method to convert their followers (and lurkers) into premium, pre-sold clients without more content, extra sales calls, or running challenges.

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