Helping Bold Brands & Leaders Scale World-Changing Methods that Sell Themselves.

Helping Bold Brands & Leaders Scale World-Changing Methods that Sell Themselves.

We are the pioneers of the Easy Yes Method,™ a proven methodology that enables leaders to dominate their industry as a market of one and drive uncharted growth through business and marketing innovation.

Reach Growth Milestones Faster

Harness Innovation

Develop your Innovative Advantage™ and become a groundbreaking pioneer leaving your competitors in the dust.

Optimize Efficiency

Create inbound demand with our unique Inbound Demand System™ that brings high-quality leads with premium, high intent.

Accelerate Sales

Get leads to sell themselves on autopilot using our proprietary
dual-speed sales system that replaces outdated sales funnels.

Increase Profit

Grow your revenue with scalable systems that allow you to watch your profits soar while reducing your overall workload.

Improve Retention

Attract optimal ready-to-purchase leads and cultivate them into a community of repeat customers and raving fans.

Champion Change

Become an industry-leading innovator making a positive impact on the world with sustainable, ethical business practices.

The Easy Yes Method:
A Framework to Scalable Results

The growth and scalability of your business is dependent on the frequency, ease, and speed of hearing “Yes” in your business. We make it an Easy Yes every time by developing your innovative sales strategy advantage that cuts through the noise in even the most crowded markets, automating conversions so leads can sell themselves and stacking profits using high-value retention strategies that will give you the ultimate competitive advantage.

Innovative Positioning that Stands Out
We help fast-moving innovators cut through the noise and stand out in a crowded marketspace by developing your Innovative Gap Methodology.™ We’ll strategically identify critical market gaps your competitors can’t fill to create your Innovative Methodology that specifically targets high-intent needs and makes you the in-demand and unmatched solution. We then demonstrate your innovative and disruptive point of view in a repeatable messaging system.
Automate Conversions with a Growth System
Develop and implement the customer-driven Infinite Sales System™ powered by the Netflix Effect. We tap into customer psychology to expedite and increase conversions with the Mimicked Decision Making™ process to close the gap on long sales cycles and get leads to sell themselves in as little as 48 hours. Your conversion rate will improve dramatically with an optimized approach that takes the burden off you and your team.
The Pure Profit
The sustainability and profitability of your business is dependent on your ability to deliver consistent, world-class results at scale to your clients. Our proactive approach to customer success and retention makes your clients’ success inevitable, turning your clients into your most fanatic sales team! Prioritize retention for long-term success and profit scaling as you cement your authority and credibility in the marketplace.

How We Use this Bingeable Sales System™ to Get High Paying Clients to Sell Themselves using the "Netflix Effect"

Learn how more than 416+ of our clients leverage this Netflix-inspired sales method to convert their followers (and lurkers) into premium, pre-sold clients without more content, extra sales calls, or running challenges.

The Real Talk to Scalable Growth

Wish you had someone who could give you the real talk on how to create scalable and sustainable growth without all the fluff? Tune in to the Business Real Talk Podcast for a fresh take on innovation, marketing, sales strategy, and retention.


Your 3-Step Plan to Hit Your Growth Milestones

What if I told you that you could get all the tools, knowledge, training, and resources you need in just three steps? Would you think, “It can’t possibly be that simple, can it?”

It is. Simplicity is my specialty. So many coaching programs overwhelm entrepreneurs with a flood of impractical information, leaving them feeling burned out and frustrated by the lack of results. As a Business Innovation Strategist I take a step-by-step strategic approach that establishes a base foundation and then builds incrementally with scalable systems that grow with you as your business scales. Your success is only three steps away.

Listen to the Easy Yes Method ™ Mini Series

This mini series helps you understand the four biggest challenges that businesses face when growing or scaling. You'll also learn how our proprietary Easy Yes Method ™ solidifies your innovative advantage, prompting leads to sell themselves while delivering outstanding results that your clients will enthusiastically share with everyone they know.

Schedule Your Growth Optimization Call

We'll sit down 1:1 to discuss your business's specific needs, plans, and goals. I'll identify your primary growth optimization points to target and show you how the Easy Yes Method™ can boost your business.

Create Your Customized Plan for Success

Leveraging the results of your in-depth business audit, we'll identify your next steps and create a tailor-made plan that is unique to your specific needs, goals, and strategic positioning within the market. I'll be your dedicated partner guiding you through the execution of your data-driven growth systems.

We Meet You At Your Level

Three ways we leverage our expertise to revolutionize your inbound marketing and boost your business


You’re a new entrepreneur or small business owner looking to become more efficient with client acquisition, brand marketing, and content strategy. You’re either just starting to develop systems, or the ones you have in place need to be evaluated and optimized. Your top priorities in this early stage are growth, consistency, branding, and revenue.

You’ve already established your brand in the marketplace and are ready to scale your business up to the next level. Your primary goals at this stage are to increase and systemize conversions at scale, eliminate competition, create unprecedented brand authority, and improve client acquisition and retention with high-quality leads in record time.

You operate an established corporation or specialized business with efficiency at the forefront of your business plans. Your goals are centered around client acquisition, sales and marketing performance, talent retention, and a scalable growth strategy. You have functioning systems in place, but now it’s time to optimize them for maximum effectiveness with minimal labor.

Our Success Stories

“Working with Nas was nothing short of transformative, both personally and professionally. She gave me direction in my business that I didn’t even know that I needed. The small changes that we made together allowed for a significant shift in the way that I seek out potential clients, the way I show the value of my program, and the way I support my students once they are enrolled.”

Jayne Havens

Founder of the Center of Pediatric Sleep Management

“I highly recommend hiring Nas if you are ready to take your business to the next level. Her strategy is like no other. There’s no hoops to jump through and What I love about her is that she is no fluff. If you are looking for a real solid business growth plan then Nas is for you. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without her!”

Courtney Bicandi

“Nas has been an absolute game-changer in my business journey. Although I had only heard good things about Nas I was nervous to join SPA because I had worked with other biz strategists who fell short of their claims. But, Nas offers a unique blend of nurturing kindness and strategic guidance that has propelled my business forward.”

Harmony Robinson-Stagg

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Arika reached her 5 year business goals in months and hit 6 figures faster than ever!
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How erica, left her job barely making ends meet, to 10x’ing her revenue
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How erica 5x’d her investment in 24 days and landed a 60k client

Use the “Netflix Effect” to Get Premium Clients to Sell Themselves.

No Convincing Necessary!

In this bingeable, limited edition audio series, I’ll show you how 416 of our clients quit launches, webinars, and expensive ads, and got leads to sell themselves using this innovative Easy Yes Method™.